Writing Submission Guidelines

Send all submissions to laurelmoonbrandeis@gmail.com

UPDATE: We are now accepting poetry written in different languages!

Word Count & Number of Submissions
FICTION:  We accept up to three submissions of short fiction from the same author for consideration, with a cumulative word count of 5000 words and an individual count maximum of 3000 words.

POETRY:  We accept up to five submissions of poetry from the same author for consideration.

Ultimately we will publish up to two works by any one author so that our magazine can be as diverse and include as many campus writers as possible.

FICTION:  Submit a text file (e.g. Word Document, .txt file) not a PDF.

POETRY:  Submit a text file unless your formatting requires it (e.g. vertical printing, shape poems, block poems, all of which we happily allow!).

In addition, please submit all your work in one file, even if you’re submitting both pieces of fiction and works of poetry.

Do not include your name in your submission text file. We read all submissions anonymously so as to ensure that the works we publish are chosen based solely on their quality.

In your submission email to laurelmoonbrandeis@gmail.com, please include your preferred publishing name––we want to give you proper credit if you are published!

On simultaneous submissions

We are perfectly okay with work that has been published or sent for consideration to another publication.  Simply let us know if you’re submitting to another campus publication (Artemis, WTCP, Jaded etc) so we can coordinate with them.

Trigger warnings

We reserve the right as an editorial board to add any of the following trigger warnings to pieces we feel may elicit strong negative emotional responses in our readers: violence, abuse, self-harm, eating disorders, and sexual violence. This is for the benefit of our readers and does not in any way mean that a piece containing explicit material will not be published for containing it.

A note from the Editors:

We thank you in advance for taking these guidelines seriously. They make our jobs much easier and make sure that your work gets evaluated for its creative value.


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