Cover Photo Submission Guidelines

Send all submissions to

Maximum Submissions: 10 photos

Orientation: Portrait or landscape welcome. Portrait preferred, as we print on 8.5″x11″ and would like to showcase two artists rather than just one. Landscape photos subject to cropping.

Resolution and Size: Minimum image resolution is 300dpi. Must be high enough quality to be printable on letter (8.5″x11″) glossy paper.

Color: We love to see good use of color, though we will not disqualify any image because it’s in black and white or grayscale.

Watermarks: We have received several beautiful photographs that we couldn’t use because of watermarks. Please don’t use them–you will be credited for your work. We promise.

Image content: We request that you refrain from submitting portraits of people since we do not plan to make the face of a single person the identity of our magazine.  Instead, we want cover art that speaks to and represents all of our featured writers.  (This does not mean that people cannot be present in your photographs.  We would just prefer to not receive photographs that focus solely on a person).

Use of images: When an image is chosen to be on our front or back cover, we will publish it on physical magazines as well as on a digital copy of the semester’s magazine. You must be okay with us using your photography (with credit, of course) on our magazine, as well as for possible advertising on our website as banner art.

Email your images as individual file attachments: If you run out of data space and can’t fit all of your photo submissions into one email, just reply to the same email thread with the rest.

Please specify how many you are submitting so we can make sure we have properly received all of them.


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