The Eboard and Editorial Staff of Fall 2016

Clayre Benzadón (Editor-in-Chief):

They say poets are part of the devil’s party. So Clayre signed up. She’s made up of 99% anxiety and 1% human. When she’s not writing, she’s either reading, or thinking about all the time she’s wasting not writing. She was smart enough to take a grad-level neuropsych class this semester and can’t wait for all the memorized Broca’s areas to be useful at some point in her life.

On a more serious note, she is very thankful for all the support and help from everyone who contributed to the creation of this issue of the magazine. It’s been a literal journey!

Bidushi Adhikari (Editor-in-Chief): Bidushi likes to pretend she can write dramatic, heart-wrenching poetry, and once Laurel Moon published her writing, she waved goodbye to all her modesty. In any given moment, you may find her trying to learn InDesign overnight (for this issue!), eating, laboring over her Sociology thesis, napping, crying over her Economics problem sets, snacking, binge-watching Shameless, cross-hatching in the art studio, or annoying her friends. As the semester comes to a close, she is very grateful towards the editorial board, and especially Clayre, for all the hard work in putting this magazine together!

Danielle Rock: Born at a young age, Danielle quickly grew up to be one of the most stressed out college students the world had ever known. Danielle Rock is a junior who, in typical Brandeis fashion, triples majors. She studies Film, Television, and Interactive Media; English; and Creative Writing. In addition to her course load, she is involved in Laurel Moon, BrandeisTV, and Brandeis Official Reader’s Guild because she hates the joy of having free time and a life

Bianca Gleizer: Bianca was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, and likes to teach people to say random things in Portuguese. She is currently a Sophomore pursuing a double major in Russian Studies and History, and a minor in Comparative Literature. She sometimes blames her attitude on being a Taurus.

Emily Botto: Emily is a first-year at Brandeis University planning to major in media and communications and minor in creative writing.






The Eboard and Editorial Staff of Fall 2015

The Executive Board

Angela Acevedo (Editor-in-Chief ‘Treasurer’) – Angela Maria Acevedo Bustamante feels like if she doesn’t include all her given names, she’s not honoring her family, so here we are. She’s a senior majoring in both Neuro-science and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, mostly due to having too much pride to not finish Neuro after getting halfway into it and realizing she only wanted to be an MD because she had recently re-watched Scrubs. She is tired so often it’s a personality trait, and much like a shark, if she is always busy, she won’t die. She loves inclusive, intersectional feminism and she got to pet a dog today, making it officially the Best Day Ever.

Sam Yoo (Editor-in-Chief ‘Internal Affairs’) – Sam Yoo is a real person that exists. They are an English, Creative Writing, and Film triple major, completing their final year of undergraduate education. Their favorite color is the void. This is not in any way a complex and expensive government conspiracy that relies on a series of orchestrated sensory illusions. Sometimes Sam has a recurring dream that they are actually just a headphones-wearing ghost, crying in the vacuum of space. This is not true. They are real. They are corporeal. They have always been here. There is no cause for concern.

Gregory Bonacci (Layout Editor) – Gregory Bonacci is an actual Mamoswine and a senior at Brandeis double majoring in Chemistry and Biology. His main form of social interaction is showing people pictures of puppies, and his main form of nourishment is having attractive men named things like “Jeeves” or “Graves” feed him pizza rolls like one would feed a Roman emperor grapes. Sometimes, if you’re really quiet, you can hear him whispering at you through the bushes, telling you to do things like submit to the bees.  His main job is crying at InDesign and making it pity him enough to spit out a quality magazine; he does the same for Wander: Brandeis Abroad. He has only gotten through the semester by grace of copious amounts of mojitos and Pokémon.

The Editorial Staff

Anne Kat Alexander – Anne Kat is a sophomore from Austin, Texas studying English and classical studies with a smattering of minors.  She chooses the bees.

Tatianna Banci – Destined for Japan in the spring, this lover of tea and League prepares by binge reading short fiction and poetry, and impersonating a sloth. When not being lazy, she spends her time in the psych lab coding (or at least trying to).

Clayre Benzadon – Clayre Benzadon plans to be a punk-rocker in the near future, spending her life jamming out when she learns to actually practice guitar on a reguar basis and writing in the galactic world, where she will be surrounded by friends, family, coffee, books and a good amount of creative solitude.

Sarah Duffett – Sarah (@Stuffittt) is a Twitter personality who dabbles in creative writing. Her top tweet, “I love how we’re the generation that finally figured out how shitty potato salad is”, received 5 faves and two retweets. She really misses her dog.

Abigail Gardener – Abigail Gardener is a first-year from New Jersey. No, not the place where Jersey Shore was filmed, although she has been there many a summer. She enjoys filling her stomach with burritos and wishes she could pet all the dogs in the world.

Emily Glovin – I’m Emily Glovin, a first-year here at Brandeis. The first few months were tough. I’ve made a lot of enemies acidentally saying “freshman” in a couple clubs around campus. I’m now hiding out in the basement of public safety because I’m scared of the mob. I hope this magazine will help make amends. Enjoy!

Linda Maleh – Linda Maleh is a warm ball of nerdy mush. She can be seen yelling at anyone who will listen about medieval history. If she could date Barry Allen from the Flash TV show she would. She jumped for joy when the Gilmore Girls revival was announced and is very proud of the fact that the history department has a catapult. Beware this Brandesian human.

[Editor’s Note: As a penalty for not submitting her bio on time, we are required to divulge that Linda goes to Weenie Hut General when she gets burned, which is often.]

Monique J. Menezes  A lab coat, boxing gloves, and a red pen are pieces of a uniform this HSSP/Psych major has chosen for herself. This appreciator of creativity may have underestimated the toll of a busy schedule. Fortunately, she has found super powers in a gluten-free diet, an origin of focus and energy unmatched by any cup of coffee.

Michael Perlow – Michael Perlow is currently a sophomore who likes to spend time doing something, be it studying, reading, drawing, playing videogames, or even writing. All of those things usually have something to do with science, if not space in particular. He does not enjoy talking in the 3rd person.

Lauren Puglisi – Lauren Puglisi is a first year from New York City. She loves traveling, tea, teacup pigs, and guacamole. She’s studying environmental science, psychology, and history because she is a hippie. She would like to paid for her work on the magazine via points since Currito exists. Or in chocolate. Praise is acceptable as well.

Danielle Rock – Born at a young age, Danielle grew up to become a hot mess and an absolutely awkward, yet proud nerd. Her interests include making terrible jokes and eating food that other people bought. She is a traumatic papercut survivor and an avid supporter of messy hair and sweatpants.

Emma Russell – Emma is a first-year San Antonio native who survives off of only the wonderful deliciousness of bean and cheese tacos. The Spurs are her true pride and joy in life and distract her daily from attempting a major in Biology and minor in South Asian Studies.

The Eboard and Editorial Staff of Spring 2015

The Executive Board

Angela Acevedo (Editor-in-Chief ‘Treasurer’) – Angela accomplishes a great deal of her goals fueled only by hatred for the white supremacist homophobic cis-sexist capitalist patriarchy.  She loves every dog, herself, an wine.  She is an organizational princess majoring in Neuroscience and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies and minoring in English and Creative Writing.  She is proud to say she has finally learned how much uncooked pasta makes one human-sized serving of cooked pasta.

Gregory Bonacci (Editor-in-Chief ‘Layout Editor’) – Greg is an astral projection of men, women, and children who have long since passed from this world.  His corporeal form consists of a Chopped basket-like melange of bees, sound waves, iron (II) coordination complexes, and eggs.  He has dreams, legs, and a head with which he attempts a double Biology and Chemistry major.  He also probably has two arms and his life coach is Bowser from the Super Mario series.

Sam Yoo (Editor-in-Chief ‘Internal Affairs’) – Sam is a human shaped piece of void that is triple majoring in English, Creative Writing, and Film.  Their pronouns are ‘they/their/them’ and their goal in life is to write and publish the queerest novels that have ever queered.  They enjoy looking at the color blue and daydreaming about setting annoying people on fire.  One day they will return home to the vacuum of space.

The Editorial Staff

Anne Kat Alexander – Anne Kat is a first-year from Austin, Texas. Nine feet of snow later, winter continues to terrify her.  She’s majoring in English and Classical Studies with a smattering of accidental minors.

Tatianna Banci – Tatianna is a sophomore destined for Japan next Spring.  Her love of sleep trumps other desires, but do dare underestimate her.

Clayre Benzadon – Indie/alternative feminist nerd studying Psychology, English and Creative Writing and Psychology. Loves skiing, drinking coffee and writing poems that point out the oppression of cultural/ethnic/gender minorities that still take place in modern society.

Linda Maleh – Linda Maleh loves Laurel Moon and everyone in it.  This is her third semester with them.  She is an English and history major.  She loves TV more than life and asks that you not judge her for it.  She hates all her friends who went abroad and thinks they should come back right now. She wishes she never had to graduate from Brandeis.

Monique J Menezes – With coffee running strong through her veins, Monique tackles everything with strength not even rivaled by Superman. Sleep she needs not, for the power of caffeine fuels her lab work and boxing prowess.  Fret not though, she only uses her mighty powers for the good…or does she?

Sarah Rush – With each step she takes, lightening caresses the earth. Firebender and aspiring Vampire Queen, Rush is a creature of the night who crawls out of the coffin only to enchant her next victim. Or to play Nintendo 64. You can find her in the darkest corner of every room scribbling down poetry into a blood-stained notebook. And watching you.

The Eboard and Editorial Staff of Fall 2014

The Executive Board

Angela Acevedo (Editor-in-Chief ‘Treasurer’) – An active misandrist.  Her blood is Diet Coke, ethanol, and male tears.  She has no time for silly things like “feeling emotions” but for what it’s worth, she’s majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology, and minoring in English, Creative Writing, and Women and Gender Studies.  One thing she’s never done is correctly estimated how much pasta is enough for one person, and sometimes, she gets nervous on airplanes.

Gregory Bonacci (Editor-in-Chief ‘Layout Editor’) – He appears to be a majestic gazelle that prances through academic life like a well coordinated dancer but is at heart a gay egg that just rolls through life at exceedingly wobblier trajectories as the years go by, playing Mario Kart all the while. He began life without a face and grew one just before he came here to Brandeis. He is a Chemistry and Biology double major who just wants to sit here and feed his birds.

Sam Yoo (Editor-in-Chief ‘Internal Affairs’) – Sam is a junior and a Film/English/Creative Writing triple major. Their favorite method of self-motivation is to remind themself that everybody dies in the end. To all outward appearances they look like a functional human being but they are actually just a person-shaped swarm of extremely well-coordinated bees that asks “Why?  Why do you do this?”

The Editorial Staff

Anne Kat Alexander – Anne Kat is a first-year from Austin, Texas. She like, understood the concept of Seasonal Affect Disorder, but like, didn’t really get it, you know, until moving to Massachusetts. Probably she’ll end up studying English and history here.

Tatianna Banci – Sometimes seen stumbling around campus talking much too loudly (and only sometimes intelligently) is this psychology and East Asian studies double major.  A master procrastinator, and not-so-secret League addict, she spends most of her free time doing her best impression of a real college student.

Clayre Benzadon – Sophomore majoring in psychology and creative writing. She lives off of chocolate, coffee, poetry, Soundcloud, alternative, indie and techno/electronic music. And yes, she can read your mind right now.

Anastasia Christilles – Anastasia is a first year who spends time creeping through the forest and writing poetry. She hails from rural Texas, where she and her fourteen-year-old sister train a munchkin army. She anticipates that Tumblr will ruin her Brandeis career and she will transform into one of those “jaded” seniors.

Linda Maleh – A junior majoring in English and History. She loves all her wonderful friends almost as much as she loves TV. She is constantly squeeling with bestie Arielle about the Merchant of Venice which she will shamelessly advertise in this bio is being put up as a part of ‘Deis Impact next semester and everyone should come see it.

Monique J Menezes – She may be short but she is surely sassy. This HSSP-Psych double major is a mild-mannered journalist by day who fights–rather boxes–by night. This chick denies being an adrenaline junky, so she can only be described as some other kind of crazy for flinging herself out of a plane.

Abbey Schultz – Abbey may or may not be a queer, morally ambiguous fairy living undercover in the human world. She is definitely a senior, an English major, a frequent Chipotle customer, and a compulsive collector of shiny objects. Further investigations pending.

Miriam Sokolow – Miriam is, apparently, the voice of the devil. Also a national treasure. Miriam feels slightly uncomfortable about this.