The Eboard and Editorial Staff of Fall 2016

Clayre Benzadón (Editor-in-Chief):

They say poets are part of the devil’s party. So Clayre signed up. She’s made up of 99% anxiety and 1% human. When she’s not writing, she’s either reading, or thinking about all the time she’s wasting not writing. She was smart enough to take a grad-level neuropsych class this semester and can’t wait for all the memorized Broca’s areas to be useful at some point in her life.

On a more serious note, she is very thankful for all the support and help from everyone who contributed to the creation of this issue of the magazine. It’s been a literal journey!

Bidushi Adhikari (Editor-in-Chief): Bidushi likes to pretend she can write dramatic, heart-wrenching poetry, and once Laurel Moon published her writing, she waved goodbye to all her modesty. In any given moment, you may find her trying to learn InDesign overnight (for this issue!), eating, laboring over her Sociology thesis, napping, crying over her Economics problem sets, snacking, binge-watching Shameless, cross-hatching in the art studio, or annoying her friends. As the semester comes to a close, she is very grateful towards the editorial board, and especially Clayre, for all the hard work in putting this magazine together!

Danielle Rock: Born at a young age, Danielle quickly grew up to be one of the most stressed out college students the world had ever known. Danielle Rock is a junior who, in typical Brandeis fashion, triples majors. She studies Film, Television, and Interactive Media; English; and Creative Writing. In addition to her course load, she is involved in Laurel Moon, BrandeisTV, and Brandeis Official Reader’s Guild because she hates the joy of having free time and a life

Bianca Gleizer: Bianca was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, and likes to teach people to say random things in Portuguese. She is currently a Sophomore pursuing a double major in Russian Studies and History, and a minor in Comparative Literature. She sometimes blames her attitude on being a Taurus.

Emily Botto: Emily is a first-year at Brandeis University planning to major in media and communications and minor in creative writing.






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