“WHY, MAMA, WHY” the young boy was shrieking, but it had already been done.

It seemed that he had made a big deal out of nothing so he quickly brushed himself off, so as not to appear childish in front of the girls.

He wanted to impress them, but that isn’t one of his talents.

So instead he burst into a wild rage and began throwing punches.  At least he could hit.

Or so he thought, anyway.  His hands punched at air, hitting absolutely nothing.

It couldn’t be a host since they were exiled from Florida.

Long ago, the Treaty of Miami had been signed, making entry of ghosts into Floridian territory illegal.

But how could those retirees and drunken co-eds ever enforce that?

Without Super Girl it just wasn’t possible; the invaders were just too strong.

It was like they were on steroids or something.  Then – THAT’S IT! – she knew how to defeat them.

She told a joke about an ugly barnacle.  It was so ugly, that everyone died.

The.  End.


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