The Eboard and Editorial Staff of Spring 2015

The Executive Board

Angela Acevedo (Editor-in-Chief ‘Treasurer’) – Angela accomplishes a great deal of her goals fueled only by hatred for the white supremacist homophobic cis-sexist capitalist patriarchy.  She loves every dog, herself, an wine.  She is an organizational princess majoring in Neuroscience and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies and minoring in English and Creative Writing.  She is proud to say she has finally learned how much uncooked pasta makes one human-sized serving of cooked pasta.

Gregory Bonacci (Editor-in-Chief ‘Layout Editor’) – Greg is an astral projection of men, women, and children who have long since passed from this world.  His corporeal form consists of a Chopped basket-like melange of bees, sound waves, iron (II) coordination complexes, and eggs.  He has dreams, legs, and a head with which he attempts a double Biology and Chemistry major.  He also probably has two arms and his life coach is Bowser from the Super Mario series.

Sam Yoo (Editor-in-Chief ‘Internal Affairs’) – Sam is a human shaped piece of void that is triple majoring in English, Creative Writing, and Film.  Their pronouns are ‘they/their/them’ and their goal in life is to write and publish the queerest novels that have ever queered.  They enjoy looking at the color blue and daydreaming about setting annoying people on fire.  One day they will return home to the vacuum of space.

The Editorial Staff

Anne Kat Alexander – Anne Kat is a first-year from Austin, Texas. Nine feet of snow later, winter continues to terrify her.  She’s majoring in English and Classical Studies with a smattering of accidental minors.

Tatianna Banci – Tatianna is a sophomore destined for Japan next Spring.  Her love of sleep trumps other desires, but do dare underestimate her.

Clayre Benzadon – Indie/alternative feminist nerd studying Psychology, English and Creative Writing and Psychology. Loves skiing, drinking coffee and writing poems that point out the oppression of cultural/ethnic/gender minorities that still take place in modern society.

Linda Maleh – Linda Maleh loves Laurel Moon and everyone in it.  This is her third semester with them.  She is an English and history major.  She loves TV more than life and asks that you not judge her for it.  She hates all her friends who went abroad and thinks they should come back right now. She wishes she never had to graduate from Brandeis.

Monique J Menezes – With coffee running strong through her veins, Monique tackles everything with strength not even rivaled by Superman. Sleep she needs not, for the power of caffeine fuels her lab work and boxing prowess.  Fret not though, she only uses her mighty powers for the good…or does she?

Sarah Rush – With each step she takes, lightening caresses the earth. Firebender and aspiring Vampire Queen, Rush is a creature of the night who crawls out of the coffin only to enchant her next victim. Or to play Nintendo 64. You can find her in the darkest corner of every room scribbling down poetry into a blood-stained notebook. And watching you.


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