The Eboard and Editorial Staff of Fall 2014

The Executive Board

Angela Acevedo (Editor-in-Chief ‘Treasurer’) – An active misandrist.  Her blood is Diet Coke, ethanol, and male tears.  She has no time for silly things like “feeling emotions” but for what it’s worth, she’s majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology, and minoring in English, Creative Writing, and Women and Gender Studies.  One thing she’s never done is correctly estimated how much pasta is enough for one person, and sometimes, she gets nervous on airplanes.

Gregory Bonacci (Editor-in-Chief ‘Layout Editor’) – He appears to be a majestic gazelle that prances through academic life like a well coordinated dancer but is at heart a gay egg that just rolls through life at exceedingly wobblier trajectories as the years go by, playing Mario Kart all the while. He began life without a face and grew one just before he came here to Brandeis. He is a Chemistry and Biology double major who just wants to sit here and feed his birds.

Sam Yoo (Editor-in-Chief ‘Internal Affairs’) – Sam is a junior and a Film/English/Creative Writing triple major. Their favorite method of self-motivation is to remind themself that everybody dies in the end. To all outward appearances they look like a functional human being but they are actually just a person-shaped swarm of extremely well-coordinated bees that asks “Why?  Why do you do this?”

The Editorial Staff

Anne Kat Alexander – Anne Kat is a first-year from Austin, Texas. She like, understood the concept of Seasonal Affect Disorder, but like, didn’t really get it, you know, until moving to Massachusetts. Probably she’ll end up studying English and history here.

Tatianna Banci – Sometimes seen stumbling around campus talking much too loudly (and only sometimes intelligently) is this psychology and East Asian studies double major.  A master procrastinator, and not-so-secret League addict, she spends most of her free time doing her best impression of a real college student.

Clayre Benzadon – Sophomore majoring in psychology and creative writing. She lives off of chocolate, coffee, poetry, Soundcloud, alternative, indie and techno/electronic music. And yes, she can read your mind right now.

Anastasia Christilles – Anastasia is a first year who spends time creeping through the forest and writing poetry. She hails from rural Texas, where she and her fourteen-year-old sister train a munchkin army. She anticipates that Tumblr will ruin her Brandeis career and she will transform into one of those “jaded” seniors.

Linda Maleh – A junior majoring in English and History. She loves all her wonderful friends almost as much as she loves TV. She is constantly squeeling with bestie Arielle about the Merchant of Venice which she will shamelessly advertise in this bio is being put up as a part of ‘Deis Impact next semester and everyone should come see it.

Monique J Menezes – She may be short but she is surely sassy. This HSSP-Psych double major is a mild-mannered journalist by day who fights–rather boxes–by night. This chick denies being an adrenaline junky, so she can only be described as some other kind of crazy for flinging herself out of a plane.

Abbey Schultz – Abbey may or may not be a queer, morally ambiguous fairy living undercover in the human world. She is definitely a senior, an English major, a frequent Chipotle customer, and a compulsive collector of shiny objects. Further investigations pending.

Miriam Sokolow – Miriam is, apparently, the voice of the devil. Also a national treasure. Miriam feels slightly uncomfortable about this.


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